R&D strategy of Young Chemical Co., Ltd. focuses on enhancing R&D competitiveness for
internationalization in preparation for international competition in the 21st century.

R&D Center of Young Chemical Co., Ltd., established in 1986, is equipped with a research facility to increase the usefulness of band aids and to research and develop more competitive products.
In addition, we are focusing on developing competitive and innovative medicine and medical supplies based on the company's active R&D investment.
R&D Center of Young Chemical Co., Ltd. strives to secure core competencies and increase R&D productivity through selection and concentration in each research area.
First of all, based on 30 years of accumulated technology, we continue to develop products that are improved, easy to apply, and have excellent usability.
And in preparation for changes in the market environment, we are actively cultivating new markets by continuously developing new products.
In addition, in the functionality research field, we focus on improving the quality of life in the face of rapid changes in the social environment, and strive to commercialize products that promote user convenience.
Young Chemical's R&D strategy to prepare for the international competition of the 21st century focuses on internationalization and strengthening R&D competitiveness.
Based on the management strategy aimed at the global market, the goal of the R&D strategy is to enter the global market by developing innovative medicine and medical supplies.
Therefore, we will strengthen our R&D network with outside agencies to actively promote joint research and introduction of new technologies to create innovative medicine and medical supplies that can compete in the global market.